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Lower-face Enhancement

Lower-face Enhancement

Lower-face Enhancement Facial symmetry is the secret ingredient to universal beauty. Some anti-aging procedures focus only on one area of the face. While this can achieve good results, it can also create a noticeable facial imbalance.
Instead, the Soft Lift process treats the three major areas of your face at the same time: upper, mid and lower.

BOTOX COSMETIC, a purified protein, is used to relax the muscles that help create frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet in the upper face area. BOTOX COSMETIC allows these lines to soften and fade.

JUVEDERM facial filler uses hyaluronic acid, a type of sugar that occurs naturally in your body, to replenish the skin volume and fullness that is lost over time. Youthful firmness and fullness is restored to the cheeks, and smile lines are softened.

In the lower face, JUVEDERM facial filler can enhance the lips, smooth lines around the mouth, and contour the chin and jawline.
Discomfort from the various injections is minimal. Sometimes minor swelling and bruising is apparent. This will generally fade in a few days. The entire Soft Lift process is completed during a single visit.

We make it look natural.