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Cheek Enhancement


Cheek enhancement

Do you also feel that your cheeks are flat, or have they disappeared over the years due to aging?

As we age, we lose the amount of fat on the surface of the cheekbones. This event leads to hollowing under the eyes and wrinkles in the nose and lip area.

But you can solve this problem with cheek enhancement.


Cheek enhancement methods

Cheek Enhancement

Filler injection: The simplest and most non-invasive way to enlarge the cheek is filler injection. A thin tube called a cannula is used to inject the gel. Usually, a cannula injects about one milliliter of gel in the middle of the cheek. The injection site is precisely above the cheekbone. Fewer blood vessels are in this area, and the possibility of bruising is low. Usually, filler injection takes about 15 minutes. Anesthetic cream is used before that. The gel usually stays for six months to a year.

Fat injection: A fat infusion is one of the best ways to enlarge the cheek. Fat is removed from a person’s thigh or abdomen and injected into the middle of the cheek using a microcannula. This procedure takes about an hour. Before that, anesthesia is used. Since the fat is taken from the person’s body, it lasts longer.

Solid cheek implant: During a solid cheek implant procedure, the Toronto Plastic Surgeons insert the implants through an incision in the mouth using state-of-the-art technology.  This is usually performed under local anesthesia. The time of this operation is between 1 and 2 hours.

A cheek implant procedure represents a cost-effective and affordable solution for men who wish to counter the detrimental effects of aging while attaining a more robust, masculine look. By improving the volume of the midface and enhancing facial proportions, a cheek implant procedure will do wonders for men who experience sunken cheeks and loss of facial volume as a result of the aging process.

Men and women usually have different cheek shapes and sizes, so the work is typically additional for each gender. Where women may opt to make their cheeks rounder, men generally wish to attain a more angular, chiseled profile that enhances the prominence of the cheekbones.

When undergoing a procedure by the Toronto Plastic Surgeons, patients can choose between solid cheek implants, fat grafting, or a long-lasting gel. Men usually choose the gel, as it can reduce the width of an overly-feminine profile and is reversible or adjustable.

Following the surgery, men will notice a significant improvement in their facial features. In addition, patients can look forward to an impressively quick recovery period, as they will only need to take 1-3 days off work to rest after the procedure. Best of all, unlike dermal fillers that temporarily add volume to the cheeks, the results of a cheek implant procedure will last a lifetime.

With an affordable cost starting at $3,000 and up (depending upon the number of syringes) for soft tissue fillers, cheek implants are a highly affordable option for men who want to improve the shape and size of their cheeks. By booking your consultation with the Toronto Plastic Surgeons, you’ll be well on your way to having your facial features stand out best.

For which people are cheek implants suitable?

Highlighting the cheekbones has a significant effect on beauty. This method can be very suitable for the following people.

The cheekbones are smooth.

The face is entirely round, and the prominence of the cheek is not defined.

People who have lost much weight.

People whose cheek volume has decreased with age and the cheeks have fallen.

People who want to have a younger and fresher face.

Which method is better?

Choosing the best method depends on your expectations and circumstances. Some people do not want to undergo surgery. For these people, fat or gel injection is a better option. These methods do not have a recovery period, and the cosmetic procedure lasts up to one hour. But if you are looking for permanent ways and want to avoid going to the clinic every time for renewal, cheek implants are the best option.

The cost of cheek implant surgery is higher than the other two methods. But if we want to calculate the price in the long term, the cheek implant method is affordable. The results of this method are permanent and do not need to be paid every year.

Cheek enhancement

We make it look natural.