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Chin Enhancement

Chin enhancement

The proportion between all facial parts gives you a lovely young look. Any defect that appears on our face can affect even the freshness of our face. The chin, the lower part of the face, determines the overall shape of our face. Therefore, some people think of chin enhancement.


The first thing applicants for chin enhancement surgery should have complete information about is how to perform this beauty procedure. Most applicants think that changing the chin’s shape is done using surgery. If, by implementing new methods, it is possible to enlarge the chin without surgery. Therefore, stay with us in the following article to explain to you the various ways to enlarge and shape the chin:


The most important advantage of chin enhancement without surgery is that these methods have a temporary effect. Although it is necessary to take measures in a certain period to extend the impact of the operation, if you are not satisfied with the result after changing the shape of the chin, you can wait for the effect to disappear after a few months.


Chin enhancement with filler

Using filler or gel is one of the most common ways to improve skin condition. Most people think these fillers are only suitable for removing the signs of aging, but this is not the case, and you can also change its shape by injecting fillers into the chin. Of course, this method has a temporary effect, and after a few months to a year, you have to inject the gel again to make the chin shape the same as before. The specialist should go for high-quality gels such as fillers containing hyaluronic acid. This substance is naturally present in the skin and compatible with the body. Therefore, it brings you the least allergic reactions.


Chin enhancement with fat injection

Changing the shape of the chin with fat injection is another very safe and body-friendly method. The specialist extracts the fat from the applicant’s body and injects it into the chin after centrifugation and purification of the fat. The longevity of fat injection gel injection is more extended than gel injection. Especially since the result looks more natural; on the other hand, when you inject fat into the chin because this fat contains stem cells, it will also help to rejuvenate the facial skin. But note that if you have to talk a lot during the day due to your job, the effect of chin fat injection will disappear sooner.


Chin enhancement with plastic surgery

In this method, the specialist must go for surgery. It means the chin should be split, and the chin bone should be pulled forward. This method is a very suitable option for people with tiny chins, and this has caused the final form of their faces to be out of balance. This group of people is mainly looking for long-term chin enhancement. However, when discussing chin plastic surgery, you should not think you must undergo complete anesthesia or even stay in the hospital for a few days. This is not the case at all. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.



Chin enhancement can be performed non-surgically using non-permanent injectable fillers, lasting nine months to one year. In this procedure, she pays extra special attention to the muscles and glands that contribute to the jawline, and he will employ neuromodulators (e.g., BOTOX Cosmetic®) and injectable fillers to provide the best overall aesthetic result for the chin and jawline. These results are essentially immediate, with minimal downtime and speedy recovery.


Suppose a more permanent solution will better serve you. In that case, she will utilize his Toronto chin implant, which is carefully placed over the bone of the chin via a small, imperceptible incision under the jaw. For those with excess skin and fat under the chin (the so-called “double chin”), combining liposuction with a chin implant often provides the best combination therapy to create an elegant neckline.

Our Surgical chin augmentation in Toronto is performed under deep intravenous sedation at our fully certified outpatient surgical facility. The procedure typically takes 60-90 minutes.

Recovering from our Toronto chin implant surgery is relatively straightforward. The first week after treatment may present swelling, redness, and some discomfort, but these are short-lived. You will receive ample pain medications for maximum comfort and prophylactic antibiotics. Sutures are removed 5-7 days after surgery. You can return to most regular activities after one week.


Chin enhancement

We make it look natural.