Dr. Akef Anti Ageing & Cosmetic Clinic (Angel Gloss)


What is the Jet Peel?


The Jet Peel is Non-invasive, painless, 100% natural treatment that dramatically improves texture, tone and color of your skin. Jet Peel exfoliates the skin by removing the dead layer of cells through moisturising jet stream and oxygen infusion. This is exfoliating, oxygenetining, hydrating and micro-circulating all in one session.

By Jet stream and oxygen infusion serums and solutions penetrate into the deep dermis without needles. Jet Peel is also very effective in treating acne, removes blackheads, enlarge pores, scars, skin discoloration and multiple signs of aging.


What does the Jet Peel treatment do?

  • Removes the dead layer of cells
  • Oxygenates the skin and stimulates of Collagen production
  • Provides Needleless Mesotherapy
  • Improves texture of the skin
  • Reduces pore size and blemishes
  • Treats acne
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminates dark spots
  • Eliminates scars
  • Reduces Stretch marks
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Eliminates wrinkles around eyes
  • Eliminates upper lip wrinkles
  • Increases the effectiveness of cosmetic products

Benefits of the Jet Peel:

  • 100% natural treatment
  • Ideal for various skin types
  • Superficial facial peeling
  • No down time

We make it look natural.