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Non surgical brow lift

Non surgical brow lift

Non surgical brow lift

What Are The Benefits Of This Procedure?

Non surgical brow lift

A non-surgical brow lift can reduce eyebrow sagging and produce a lift that reveals more of your eyes, giving you a younger and more refreshed look.

Is This Type Of Treatment Safe?

These treatment methods have been tried and tested. Your safety is of utmost importance to us and our highly trained physicians and care providers will do everything to keep you safe.

Will My Brow Lift Be Painful?

Depending on the person, there may be some discomfort around the target area. Since this treatment may require injections, there is a higher chance of discomfort compared to non-invasive procedures. However, we are committed to making this process as comfortable as it can be.

How Long Will The Treatment Results Last?

Because everyone is unique and each body reacts to treatment differently, results will vary. Natural brow lifts with the use of injectables usually last months to years.


A non-surgical brow lift is a quick procedure and requires no downtime afterwards. You can continue on with your regular activities following treatment.


During a consultation for a non-surgical brow lift, Dr. Akef will spend approximately 30 minutes discussing the treatment, after which he will create a custom treatment plan that addresses all of your concerns and goals. He will go over risks and possible complications and give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of results.

We make it look natural.